Democracy Now

Democracy Now – September 22, 2014

Voices from the People’s Climate March: Indigenous Groups Lead Historic 400,000-Strong NYC Protest; Singer Angelique Kidjo: The Women of Africa Are Paying the Price of Climate Change; Bernie Sanders at People’s Climate March: To Stop Global Warming, Get Dirty Money Out of Politics; “This is History”: People’s Climate March Organizer Bill McKibben on 400,000-Strong Turnout; Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “The Only Thing We Have in Our Power is People Power”; Anti-Coal Climate Activists March with Massachusetts District Attorney Who Almost Prosecuted Them; Musician Sting: Why I Am Walking with the Indigenous Bloc in People’s Climate March; “Climate Change is Now”: Former Irish President Mary Robinson and Marshall Islands’ Tony deBrum; Socialist Seattle Politician Kshama Sawant: We Need a Radical Militant Nonviolent Climate Movement; Heirs of Billionaire Oil Tycoon John D. Rockefeller Join Growing Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement.

September 22, 2014

    Up to 400,000 Join Historic People’s Climate March in NYC
    Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Hit New Record; U.S. Share Increases 2.9%
    Heirs to Rockefeller Oil Fortune Divest from Fossil Fuels
    Turkish Hostages Released from ISIS Captivity in Iraq
    Over 130,000 Syrian Refugees Flee ISIS into Turkey
    Ambassador: U.S. Won’t Go it Alone on Syria Strikes
    Yemeni Gov’t Signs Truce with Shiite Rebels
    Thousands Protest Russian Involvement in Ukraine Civil War
    U.N.: Sinking of Ship Carrying Gazan Refugees Could be “Mass Murder”
    Iraq War Vet with PTSD Detained in Unprecedented White House Breach


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