The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – August 10, 2004

President Bush nominates Florida Congressman and former CIA agent Porter
Goss to be the next Director of Central Intelligence ….Democrats criticize
the choice as partisan and a former CIA director says it was made to help
Bush carry the key state of Florida in November

The American Civil Liberties Union launches a campaign to convince American
businesses not to cooperate with government requests for information on
their customers and transactions. . .

A victory for labor at the Berkeley Bowl.. . .the National Labor Relations
Board finds management violated the law during an organizing drive last year
and in a settlement the grocery agrees to recognize a union there

Two disabled students, scheduled to take the medical college admissions test
on Saturday, denied a court injunction giving them extra time and a room
without distractions

San Francisco officials with emergency legislation countering a Superior
Court decision striking down the City’s 20 year old program assisting women
and minority-owned businesses

And environmentalists with a court victory as a judge stops the Bush
Administration from changing the standards fisheries must meet before the
tuna they catch can be called dolphin-safe

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