Special Broadcast

Sally Zinman on Forced Treatment for People Living with Mental Disabilities – September 19, 2014

One of the hardest things in the world is to be is a long-time activist who is both 
successful and principled.  We are bringing one such person to you today.  Sally Zinman’s biography in 
the mental disability movement dates from the late 1970s when she founded and coordinated a 
client-run organization that developed a community center and residence program.  She has been 
working in peer-run organizations ever since.
Today, Sally Zinman works statewide with the California Association of Mental Health 
Peer-Run Organizations and is a consultant with Alameda County's Behavior Health Services in the 
ConsumerEmpowerment Department.

Adrienne Lauby talks with Ms Zinman about the gradual adoption of peer-run recovery 
models of mental treatment and the new regressive forced home commitment law, AB 1421.   A look at the 
past and the path ahead.

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