APEX Express

APEX Express – August 5, 2004

Asian women speak about war, the chance for change and for peace as we remember the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. We’ll hear about: Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the road to war in the gulf; the role of developing nations in opposing empire; and a book of peace. Japanese anti-nuclear activist Reiko Osato; award-winning Indian author Arundhati Roy and teacher, writer Maxine Hong Kingston are activists whose excerpted talks we’ll air on these topics. Also, how does death and Day of the Dead-like celebrations unite Asian and Latino communities? Learn more as Debby Kajiyama of Navarette-Kajiyama Dance talks about a performance in August that combines the music and dance of the Japanese Obon and the Mexican Day of the Dead traditions. Plus music, calendar and more. And mini-fund-drive time: don’t forget to pledge support during Apex so that KPFA can continue to air critical coverage at a crucial time.

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