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Democracy Now! – July 22, 2014

“A Place of Indescribable Loss”: As Ceasefire Talks Begin, Israel Bombs Hospital, Mosques and Homes; What Does Hamas Really Want? Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy on Ending the Crippling Blockade of Gaza; How the West Chose War in Gaza: Crisis Tied to Israeli-U.S. Effort to Isolate Hamas & Keep the Siege; Israeli Writer Gideon Levy: If Netanyahu Wants to Stop the Rockets, He Needs to Accept a Just Peace; “Unimaginably Catastrophic”: As Gaza’s Displaced Top 100,000, Israel Reportedly Shells U.N. School.

July 21, 2014

    Palestinian Toll Tops 500 After Deadliest Day of Israeli Siege
    Kerry Caught on Mic: “It’s a Hell of a Pinpoint Operation”
    NBC Sends Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin Back to Gaza After Outcry
    Ukraine Launches Assault on Donetsk; U.N. to Vote on Access to Crash Site
    U.S. Drone Kills 15 amid Pakistani Assault on North Waziristan
    Iranian Nuclear Talks Extended Until November
    Libya: 47 Killed in Fighting at Airport
    Nicaragua: 5 Sandinista Gov’t Supporters Shot Dead
    Typhoon Rammasun Kills 26 in China, Vietnam; Philippines Toll Hits 95


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