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Democracy Now! – June 18, 2014

Will Iraq or Syria Survive? UN Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi on Sectarian War & the Disastrous ’03 Invasion; “Colonialism is Inhuman”: Diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi on the Lessons of Algeria’s Independence Struggle.

June 18, 2014

    Sunni Militants Seize Iraq’s Main Oil Refinery
    Rouhani: Iran “Will Not Hesitate” to Protect Shiite Sites in Iraq
    Report: Obama Admin Mulls “Targeted” Drone Strikes in Iraq
    U.S. Captures Benghazi Suspect in Libya Raid
    Apparent U.S. Drone Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan
    Hunger-Striking Al Jazeera Journalist Freed After 10 Months in Prison
    Israel Re-Arrests Palestinians Freed in 2011 Prisoner Swap
    Biden Assures Rousseff on NSA Spying Days After Snowden Asylum Request
    U.S. to Release Docs on Brazilian Dictatorship
    Georgia, Missouri Carry Out 1st Executions Since Botched Oklahoma Killing


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