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Democracy Now! – June 13, 2014

Children on the Run: U.S. Detains Thousands of Young Migrants Seeking Safety, Family Reunification; Report from Iraq: U.S. Invasion in 2003 Helped Set Path for Crisis Pulling Nation Apart.

June 13, 2014

    Iraq Crisis Deepens as ISIS Militants Gain Ground
    Letters Reveal Bergdahl’s Complaints About Conditions in Afghanistan
    Brazil: Protests Erupt on Opening Day of World Cup
    Chilean Environmentalists Hail Defeat of Patagonia Dam Project
    Court Rules Warrantless Cell Tracking Unconstitutional
    Report: U.S. Pressuring Police to Keep Powerful Spy Tools Secret
    Albuquerque to Pay $6M for Police Killing of Mentally Ill Man
    Albuquerque Police Release New Video in Shooting of Homeless Man
    Woman Dies in Cell While Serving 2-Day Sentence for Fines from Children’s Truancy
    Jindal Signs Bill that May Close 4 of 5 Louisiana Abortion Clinics


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