Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – June 2, 2014

Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: U.S. Drone Program Under Obama “Got Out of Hand”; Ex-Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Committed War Crimes.

June 2, 2014

    Lone Known U.S. POW in Afghanistan Released in Taliban Prisoner Swap
    Hagel Rejects GOP Criticism of Prisoner Deal
    Report: Bergdahl Turned Against Afghan War
    EPA Seeks 30% Emissions Cut from U.S. Power Plants
    Senate to Take Up VA Overhaul Following Shinseki Resignation
    Report: NSA Amassing Vast Facial Image Database
    HHS Overturns Medicare Ban on Transgender Surgery
    National Park Service to Study LGBT Historical Sites
    Los Angeles Sues JPMorgan for Discriminatory Lending
    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Resigns


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