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Democracy Now! – May 8, 2014

As UN Torture Committee Probes Vatican, Sex-Abuse Survivors Urge Church to End Decades-Long Cover-up; Protestant Church Faces New Sex-Abuse Scandal as Victims Defy Threats, Censorship to Speak Out; After Abuse Under State Supervision, Transgender Connecticut Teen Held in Solitary Without Charge.

May 8, 2014

    Over 300 Killed in New Massacre by Boko Haram
    “Bring Back Our Girls” Protests Continue in Nigeria
    Separatists Reject Putin Call to Delay Secession Referendum
    Cuba Arrests 4 Miami-Based Exiles on Terror Charges
    House Advances Bipartisan Measure to Curb Bulk Data Collection by NSA
    Regulators Issue Safety Order for Trains Carrying Crude Oil
    Protesters Set Up Pro-Net Neutrality Encampment Outside FCC
    Fast-Food Workers to Stage Global Strike in 33 Countries
    Embattled Law Firm Withdraws from Ecuadorean Amazon Lawsuit, Pay Chevron $15 Million
    Pakistan Arrests FBI Agent on Weapons Charges


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