Emergency Circus

Emergency Circus – April 27, 2014 at 10:00pm

this episode is no longer available



Frank ZappaPhyniox (take 1)Joe's CamouflageVaulternative
Frank ZappaPhyniox (take 2)Joe's CamouflageVaulternative
Frank ZappaEarl of DukeA token of His ExtremeZappa
Frank ZappaDupree's ParadiseRoxy by ProxyZappa
Mats/MorganRubber Skyschack TatiCuneiform
Dewa BudjanaKalinggaSurya NamaskarMoon June
The Wrong ObjectJungle CowAfter the ExhibitionMoon June
Univers ZeroReve MecaniquePhosphorescent DreamsArcAngelo
The Bad PlusFirst Part: Adoration of the EarthThe Rite of SpringSony
Filthy Habits EnsembleLe Sax du SoldatLe Histoire du SoldatOctober Art
October EquusGraves of the Crewmen Buried on Beechey IslandPermafrostOctober Art
October Equus QuartetSin PermisoIsla PurgatorioOctober Art
Polite RefusalMurkaGeese and SwansZenith
Sam Boshnak QuintetSuite of Seattle's Royal CourtExploding SyndromeSBQ
B'ShnorkestraB'ShnultimateGo to OrangePresent Sounds
Richard Pinhas and Oren AmbarchiWashington DCTikkunCuneiform
Richard Pinhas and Tatsuya YoshidaWelcome in the Void part 1 - IntroWelcome in the VoidCuneiform

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