Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits – March 21, 2014

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Pushing Limits presents a program of disabled Latino musicians and musicians from the Americans.  Is that really a blind Puerto Rican blues artist performing a song using the Tuva throat singing technique?  And what well know artist–progressive activist began his eventual path as a performer because he joined the military because of the difficulties his disability while in high school?   Also a bit about Paul Lopez, Jerry Garcia, and naturally Jose Feliciano.   Eddie Ytuarte and Josh Elwood co host.


Deep In The Heart of Tuva
Coyboy Music From The Wild East
Ellipsis Arts
Harry Belafonte
Great Hits
Central A&M
Harry Belafonte
Try To Remember
Greatest Hits
Cental A&M
Jose Feliciano
Light My Fire
All Time Greatest Hits
Cental A&M
Paul Pena
Gonna Move
New Train
Hybrid Recordingd
Jerry Garcia
So What?
The Pizza Tapes
Acoustic Disc

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