Quarterly GM Report May-August 2019

Quarterly GM Report May-August 2019 By  Quincy McCoy   August 17, 2019   Spring Fund Drive In May we had our Spring Fundraiser with the theme of The Next 70 Years, continuing the promotion KPFA’s 70th anniversary. It was a long 18-day drive that ended 100k short of the 550k goal but we kept our … Continued

KPFA General Manager Report August/September 2018

By Quincy McCoy   There has been lots of activity going on in the past several months. Lets start with programming. PD Kevin Cartwright’s objective in this department is to improve our overall listener experience by developing and introducing fresh, relevant programming that informs and inspires our listeners old and new.   New Program Development:   … Continued

GM Feb 2016 Report

First, I’d like to welcome aboard the newly elected members. Coming from a lifetime on the radio I trust you’ll understand when I say that I hope you’re here to listen. I hope you’ll put aside any preconceived assumptions, ideas about what is the right or wrong direction for KPFA, and first strive to understand that all successful boards … Continued

2015 Year End GM Report

General Manager Quincy McCoy recounts the year’s accomplishments and future plans and directions for Community Powereed KPFA Radio  

KPFA GM REPORT: July 11th 2015

The first part of my report will answer the request of the CAB for information on what KPFA’s programming plans for the future. How do we intend to incorporate the necessity of more local news, public affairs, arts and continue to diversify our community involvement? Under our Strategic Programming Plan we lay out a new … Continued

KPFA General Manager’s State of the Station Report

There is good news and bad news in the results of our year-end fund drive. The bad news first: We didn’t make our goal during our 2-week campaign, and for a very good reason – we were executing our mission. As you all know KPFA did an excellent job of covering the unexpected local and … Continued