New Election Timeline

Nomination Phase: Sep 20 Deadline to post Notice of Vote on station websites and send Notice via email Sep 24 Nomination Period opens October 1-7 Local Stations run PSAs to notify listeners of election (3x/day x 7 consecutive days) Oct 20th Record date to qualify to vote or run in the election. Extended by the Pacifica National Board … Continued

Myra Melford Interview — and new music — on The Hear and Now, 10 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 1

Myra Melford is one of the most important composers, pianists, and bandleaders in contemporary music. Tonight she discusses, with host Derk Richardson, the inspirations, strategies, and collaborations that shape her jazz-rooted music, especially as it manifests in her Snowy Egret ensemble, which has a new recording, The Other Side of Air (Firehouse 12 Records), and will appear at … Continued

Talk It Out Radio: Sunday 10/28, 7pm: Nonviolent Communication for De-Escalating Difficult Human Interactions

Host Nancy Kahn talks with special guest, Kangs Trevens, an Oakland-based counselor and facilitator of Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Communication about de-escalation and grounding skills that every person could benefit from. Join us to learn essential skills that support safety and contribute to reducing harm during difficult and overwhelming human interactions without the default being calling law enforcement. … Continued