70 Years!

Produced by mikO Tolliver during her time as an Intern with the Operations Department Internship Program, this video will give you a brief history of KPFA and its importance to its listening community. If you would like to learn more about the Operations Department Internship Program, click hear!

Emmit Powell Obituary

On Friday evening, December 14th, long-time KPFA gospel music programmer Emmit Powell passed away. Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Powell came to the San Francisco Bay Area after serving in the United States Air Force. His radio career began at KPOO-FM in San Francisco in 1973. By 1975, Powell had became the gospel music programmer on … Continued

KPFA Movie Matinee: Night of the Living Dead

Join us to watch the movie that started it all, Night of the Living Dead! This 1968 classic inspired movies like Get Out, Rosemary’s Baby, Silence of the Lambs which use devices of fear and horror to make biting social critiques. The story follows a woman named Barbara (played by Judith O’Dea), who travels with … Continued