KPFA’s Board Election Is On

ElectionsWebClick on the title above, to find out more information about voting in KPFA’s election. If you are a listener-member or a member of the KPFA staff it is easy to vote now!

To vote you’ll need a password. Your password should have arrived in an email or in the mail. If you decide to vote online you won’t need to send in your paper ballot. You will only be able to vote once using your chosen method by paper ballot or online.

Click here to vote on line.

  • DaleA

    You must be kidding… online voting in this fractious state of Pacifica’s affairs!?

    • AnnGarrison

      I voted online in the staff election. I have to believe that Pacifica hasn’t sunk to the point where online ballots would actually be deleted or misreported.

      • roberta ahlquist

        My partner nor I haven’t received a ballot, only two postcards. I have called and left messages. What’s happening? Roberta Ahlquist, Walter Bliss

        • AnnGarrison

          Call and write to Local Elections Supervisor Nelsie Batista, 510-629-1458, [email protected]. You can also go into the station to vote up until 9 pm tonight.

  • Aaron Aarons

    I signed up to vote online over two weeks ago. I have not since then received any email at any of the email addresses I might have used, not have I received any voice or text message at my phone number, if I gave that.

    Hos do I actually vote?

    • Ignacio Bermudez

      Same here.

    • AnnGarrison

      If you don’t receive a ballot by November 4, Aaron, let UCR campaign manager Greg Jan know.

      • ks

        I haven’t received a password or a paper ballot as of 11/6. How does one contact Greg Jan?

        • AnnGarrison

          That message was particularly for Aaron Aarons, because I know that he sympathizes with UCR, the caucus whose campaign is being managed by Greg Jan. I imagine Greg Jan might submit a list of names of UCR voters who did not receive ballots.

          Since I don’t know whether you have any voter predilection, ks, I suggest you call KPFA and ask for contact info for the local and/or national election supervisor.

          It seems that staff ballots began arriving yesterday, but listener ballots, which were mailed a day or two later, have not, so you might get one soon.

          • ks


  • guest

    The ususal F-up. Nothing in the mail. No password no vote. I never received a ballot last time I was a member several years ago. (since then rejoined) And at this point it’s a day too late.

  • Lee from the Outer Richmond

    I signed up a couple of months ago and have yet to receive an email with password as well — how do you contact Greg Jan as per note below?

  • democracy is coming

    i have gotten nothing in the mail- i tried to log in when the emails were originally sent about voting- you would not have to waste paper on our household if we could just figure out this process- please make it a bit easier
    valeri hood and bert bartsch fairfax

  • Rainforester

    Ditto. 🙁

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