SPECIAL: Five years after Bahrain’s uprisings & the women who led the movement

Ala'a Shehabi-BahrainAs we mark the 5th anniversary of Syria’s Uprising this week, we remember that the burst of civil disobedience that took place in Syria was part of a region-wide spirit that took place all around the Arab world. One of the countries who received the least coverage was the small gulf nation of Bahrain. Even less attention was given to the women who led many of the movements against state repression. As KPFA spotlight the often marginalized work of women during this years women’s history month, Arabiyaat presents you with this special episode featuring a Ala’a Shehabi.


Ala’a Shehabi: Bahraini activist and researcher and co-editor of the collection of essays titled, Bahrain’s Uprising 

Hosted by Linda Khoury

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