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The Unfortunates at A.C.T.

Unfortunates Creators copy
left to right: Ramiz Monsef, Jon Beavers, Ian Merrigan, Casey Lee Hurt.

Radio Wolinsky 11: A conversation with the creators of The Unfortunates, playing at ACT’s Strand Theater through April 10, 2016.


Jon Beavers, Ian Merrigan, Ramiz Monsef and Casey Lee Hurt, co-creators of The Unfortunates, a theatrical piece at A.C.T.’s Strand Theatre through April 10, 2016, join Richard Wolinsky for an in-depth look at the creation of this musical play, from its inception at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival through its subsequent production in San Francisco. They also discuss the themes of the piece, which revolve around anti-war concepts, triumph over adversity, and acceptance of death.

Conceived by performers indebted to all kinds of music, ranging from country to rock to hip-hop to American folk melodies, the piece also owes a great debt to the world of comic books, early 1930s cartoons, and the graphic novel. A graphic novel of The Unfortunates is even available in the lobby of the Strand Theatre. This interview was recorded in a rehearsal room at ACT’s headquarters on Grant Street in San Francisco.

More information about The Unfortunates can be found at the ACT website.

A shorter version of this interview airs on Monday, March 7th at 3 pm as part of Arts-Waves.

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