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Two weeks after Charlottesville, the national conversation about extremism flipped 180 degrees, from “what do we do about white supremacist groups?” to “what do we do about antifa?” So, how did it happen?

We take you inside the chat rooms where right-wing extremist groups planned their image-management strategy before protests in Charlottesville, VA; then into a “influence network” of bot-controlled Twitter accounts that started amplifying anti-antifa messages.

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  • Aaron Sankin, reporter for Reveal who analyzed logs from chat rooms where extreme-right organizers made plans for Charlottesville, VA
  • Laura Rosenberger, Senior Fellow and Director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, which administers the Hamilton 68 Dashboard for tracking what they allege to be Russia-linked “influence networks” on Twitter.

Music:Scuba” by Simun Mathewson, under Creative Commons – Attribution License.

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