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SF Symphony Summer Series

(left to right) Richard Lonsdorf and Edwin Outwater

 A conversation with Richard Lonsdorf and Edwin Outwater of the San Francisco Symphony, hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Richard Lonsdorf is the programmer and Edwin Outwater the conductor of the San Francisco Symphony’s annual summer series of concerts. In this interview, they talk about the upcoming series of concerts, which focus on popular classical music pieces and orchestral movie soundtracks. They also discuss the acoustics of different venues, how to program a series, what synch’ing a movie to a live orchestra entails, and the future of classical music.

The San Francisco Symphony Summer Series consists of nine programs and twelve concerts, most (though not all) of which are in Davies Hall. More information can be found on the San Francisco Symphony Summer Series webpage.

Edwin Outwater is Music Director of Ontario’s Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony (KWS), and regularly guest conducts the Chicago and New World Symphonies. Richard Lonsdorf is the Associate Director of Artistic Planning at the San Francisco Symphony.

A shorter version of this interview was heard on Arts-Waves on KPFA.

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