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Richard Connema: Hollywood in the Golden Years

Richard Connema, long-time Hollywood stills photographer and San Francisco theatre critic, in conversation with Richard Wolinsky.

Richard Connema is the Bay Area reviewer for the theater website Talkin’ Broadway. From 1946 to 1993, first at Republic Pictures, and later at Warner Bros., he was a staff stills photographer for dozens of movie shoots, from A Streetcar Named Desire, through Rebel Without a Cause, Giant, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, and on through Missouri Breaks and later films.

Though speaking with a benign brain tumor which limits his vocabulary, Richard Connema talks about his years in Hollywood, including the underground gay community, the blacklist, sexual harassment and what it was like to work with several Hollywood stars. He is currently working on a memoir, which is about one-third completed.

At the age of 91, he continues to write reviews at



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