Radio Wolinsky

Paul Kantner, 1984

Paul Kantner copyRadio Wolinsky 8: A conversation with Paul Kantner, hosted by Richard A. Lupoff and Richard Wolinsky, recorded in Marin County, February 9, 1984.

Paul Kantner, who died on January 28, 2016 at the age of 74, was one of the founding members of the great San Francisco band, Jefferson Airplane, and later one of the founders of Jefferson Starship. A legendary vocalist and songwriter, Kantner was known for his melding of rock and roll and science fiction in his lyrics.

On February 9th, 1984, science fiction author Richard A. Lupoff was hired by Heavy Metal magazine to interview Paul about the relationship of science fiction and rock and roll, accompanied by Richard Wolinsky, his co-host for the Probabilities radio program on KPFA.

The interview was recorded in a barn, and the microphone was set on a tree stump halfway between the three. The interview was not meant for airplay, and the conversation was more free-ranging than focused.

For the remastering, the recording used noise reduction, and the flanging re-filtered if the dialogue remained audible. Levels were reformulated and filters were added using Cool Edit 2000 and Adobe Audition. Special thanks to Charlie Cockey and Dennis Weiner. Of the 70 minutes of recording, 32 minutes survived the first edit, and this edit comes to 19 minutes.



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