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Patricia Marx & Roz Chast

Patricia Marx and Roz Chast, co-authors of the humor book, “Why Don’t You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?: A Mother’s Suggestions,” talk about their work and life with host Richard Wolinsky.

Roz Chast is a legendary New Yorker cartoonist with several books to her credit. Patricia Marx was the first woman working at the Harvard Lampoon, and spent a year in the writers’ room of Saturday Night Live. These days she writes Talk of the Town and other pieces, along with assignments, for the New Yorker magazine.

Together they’ve created a book based upon the words of Patricia Marx’s mother, illustrated by Roz Chast. In this interview, they talk about the book; Patricia Marx discusses her career in comedy and humor writing, and the two authors take out the ukulele’s for a couple of parody songs.

Photo on podcast page: left to right: Roz Chast, Patricia Marx. Photo: Richard Wolinsky.

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