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Justin Cronin

Justin_Cronin_462x600 (1)A Conversation with Justin Cronin, author of the best-selling “The Passage” science fiction fantasy trilogy, hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Justin Cronin was a struggling literary novelist with two books to his credit when he took his young daughter’s advice and began writing The Passage, first book in what would be a trilogy about a viral apocalypse that turns people into zombie vampires, and features a young girl as the heroine. The second and third volumes, The Twelve and The City of Mirrors, continue the story, which not only tells an adventure story, but examines a future of climate change and the changing roles of men and women.

In this in-depth interview, he talks about The City of Mirrors, the latest volume, as well as the writing of the other two, and the political and social ideas which mirror our own world, as well as the task of writing a literary novel disguised as a potboiler.

A shorter version of this interview can be found as a Bookwaves interview.

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