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Journalists injured by SF Police; Transgender Issues; and Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative.

JournalistsFour journalists allegedly injured by deputies in hunger strike protest.

Transgender Issues and the Federal Government.

Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative. Another major U.S. city could see an initiative to decriminalize psychedelics on the ballot, as activists prepare to launch a campaign to broadly overhaul drug laws. A coalition of advocacy groups is hosting a series of educational rallies over the next few months designed build support for a proposed initiative to decriminalize not only psilocybin mushrooms but all entheogenic plants, fungi and natural sources. There are plenty of products that are beneficial and are made with such ingredients. You are now able to find them at or on many other online stores but it wouldn’t it be great if we could freedom to work with these ancient sacred medicines no matter where you live? Interest in expanding drug reform efforts beyond marijuana and changing laws around psychedelics seems to be growing.

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