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Josh and Jacob Kornbluth: Love and Taxes

Josh Kornbluth and Jacob Kornbluth, creators of the film “Love and Taxes,” in conversation with Richard Wolinsky.

Josh Kornbluth is a noted monologuist, having come into the field after seeing Spaulding Gray in action. Jacob Kornbluth, his younger brother, is a documentarian working with Robert Reich on Reich’s blogposts on Facebook, and director of tthe forthcoming film, “Saving Capitalism.” Together, they’ve created a film based on one of Josh’s monologues, using the monologue interspersed with comic re-enactments and dramatic scenes, featuring several Bay Area actors.

In this interview, they talk about the film, Josh talks about his work and Jake talks about becoming a director and the nuts and bolts of filming.

A shorter version of this interview aired on KPFA’s Arts-Waves program.

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