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Hari Kunzru: White Tears

Hari Kunzru, whose latest novel is “White Tears,” in conversation with Richard Wolinsky.

Hari Kunzru is the author of several novels: The ImpressionistTransmissionMy RevolutionsGods Without Men, and now White Tears. Born in London in 1969 of an Indian father and Englsh mother, he grew up in the suburb of Essex and went to university in Oxford and Warwick. He later worked as a travel journalist before turning to fiction.

In the novel “White Tears,” he focuses on race, blues music and class in America, focusing on a young man with a wealthy friend who attempts to create a fake blues record from the 1920s and gets caught up in a series of events that play out in a magic realist fashion.


Complete 2012 interview about “Gods Without Men.”

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