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Grassroots Work to Undo The Harm of Incarcerating Young People w/ Jasmine Frye, Tae Thomas, and Dr Frankie Free Ramos

An Ella Baker Center for Human Rights’ 2020 study found that people of color accounted for 99% of the youth under probation supervision in Alameda County. Youth who become entangled in the criminal legal system often find themselves stuck in a web of carceral violence for the rest of their lives. That report also found that Black youth in Oakland were 113 times more likely than white youth to be criminalized and arrested. Joining us to discuss some of those efforts are Jasmine Frye the Director of Young Women’s Freedom Center – Oakland, along with Tae Thomas, a 17 year old Community Organizing Intern with the Young Women’s Freedom Center. She is herself a system-impacted young woman. She’s from SF and lives in Richmond.

Check out the Young Women’s Freedom Center website:

Continuing our conversation about closing youth jails – we are joined by Dr. Frankie Free Ramos – the Director of Campaigns and Organizing of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ) to talk about their latest efforts with the grassroots Dreams Beyond Bars campaign and the legislative effort of the PROMYSE Act.

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