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Ep. 10 #Right2Resist: The SFO Muslim Ban Protest…One Year Later

This rebroadcast of Cat’s show on KPFA’s Full Circle commemorates the One Year Anniversary of the landmark SFO protest against one of Trump’s first Executive Orders: The Muslim Ban.

On this episode of WE RISE:
Lara Kiswani of the Arab Resource Organizing Center gives a retrospective on the 3 Muslim Bans that went into effect since Jan. 2017…
We investigate the connection between the bans and U.S. imperial and military interests…
We are joined in studio by 2 members of the Palestinian Youth Movement to investigate the move to make Jerusalem the capital of Israeli settler state…
We talk about the powerful, tireless resistance movements.

Arab Resource and Organizing Center http://araborganizing.org/
Bay Resistance https://bayresistance.org/
Stop Urban Shield http://stopurbanshield.org/
Palestinian Youth Movement http://www.pymusa.com/

Edward Said’s “On Orientalism” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVC8EYd_Z_g
Reel Bad Arabs https://vimeo.com/56687715


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