Get a taste of Blanche Shaheen’s Feast in the Middle East

momWhen the Food Network told her that America wasn’t ready for Middle Eastern food, Blanche’s Feast in the Middle East took matters into her own hands. Find out how in our newest episode! Journalist, host, and cook Blanche Shaheen joins us in the studio to talk to us about her cooking show, Feast in the Middle East! She’s making classic Arab home cooking accessible to people of all ages and shes even got some interesting new twists. We talk food and culture with a side of politics of course! Join us for that and more on this episode of Arabiyaat.


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Blanche TV

Feast in the Middle East Blog

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3 responses to “Get a taste of Blanche Shaheen’s Feast in the Middle East

  1. Awesome show! I have been a big fan of Feast in the Middle East for years–like you guys said, there is no variety on Food Network. All I see are grocery games and fried chicken. They need to listen to this show! Angela- Richmond

  2. She’s also been busy trolling Instagram pages that tag food as Israeli, saying that it’s not, and that it’s Palestinian. Nice.

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