In his acclaimed new book “When we Were Arabs,” Los-Angeles-born journalist and author Massoud Hayoun recounts one north African family’s epic journey, step by step, from Tunisia all the way to California after it was senselessly uprooted from its ancestral lands and catapulted into a cold new world by two successive waves of European colonialism.

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

What Is Behind France’s Islamist Separatism Bill?

More than two generations after the end of colonization in north Africa, France still suffers from the undigested legacy and aftereffects of a brutal empire that spanned over two centuries and whose perverse reverberations are still felt today. Khalil Bendib speaks with French Algerian Nacira Guenif Souilamas, Professor of sociology and anthropology at University Paris 8 of … Continued

Ten years ago, the Arab Spring took the world by surprise, profoundly shaking the status quo in North Africa and the Middle East and bringing hope for a new democratic beginning in that long-suffering region. After several regimes were non-violently toppled in rapid succession through peaceful pressure from the streets, reactionary forces in the region … Continued