The Visionary Activist Show is dedicated to “anything we need to know to have a democracy:” Democratic Animism, Pragmatic Mysticism, Applied Divination, Renaissance of Reverent Ingenuity. Caroline’s guests are allies contributing to a culture of reverent ingenuity. Critique and Solution. The Visionary Activist Show has been called “one of the best radio shows in America” and “Democracy Now!” on mushrooms!

“We all have a magic mirror: The necessary secular critic within us all, holds up a mirror to society – “look – ack! The Trickster within us all, with the wave of a hand/paw turns the mirror into a window – “But look – How beautiful it could be!” And with another wave of the hand/paw Coyote turns the Window into a Door- Let’s go!” Mirror-Window-Door!”

The first show aired out of DC on September 5, 1996, when she hosted the late ally James Hillman, conversing on their shared dedication of restoring mythological literacy to culture. Caroline is a good curmudgeon whisperer.

Caroline Casey


Caroline W Casey, based outside Washington DC, and Northern California – Reuniting political savvy with mythological guidance. Born into a political family in Washington DC, she began studying astrology, myth, magic and social activism all over the world. Inspired as a teen by the great mythologist Joseph Campbell, with whom she later studied Grail Legend and Animal Myths.

Dedicating to astrology as one of the great meta-languages of antiquity, uniting everything of consequence: personal and collective change, ritual magic, esoteric philosophy, Quabbalah, she went on to study at the Astrological Lodge on Baker street in London, travelling though India, returning to Brown University studied everything useful to astrology: The Grail Legend, Comparative Religion, Sufism, Voudoun, Oriental Theatre, Middle Eastern Dance, Film, Writing – all contributing to a degree in Semiotics. During which time she lived at the Providence Zen Center, earning a Brown Belt in Shim Gum Do, Korean sword(wo)man-ship.

She offers Trickster Training Council weekly tele-class as well as councils at a wide variety of conferences all over America as well as in South Africa (presenting at the Parliament of World Religions), Bali, Sweden, UK, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Caribbean, British Columbia,. A rousing and frequent keynote speaker, offering the Mythic News at the Bioneers Conference (for over 12 years), Green, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle Festivals, etc. cahooting with the great poet-ally Robert Bly for over 12 years at his Great Mother Conference. Caroline invites us to imagine, conjure, and implement a more lovingly ingenious world.