Join Sarah Holmes  for an exploration of the topic, Loving Fiercely in Times of Turmoil. In this two part series she explores plants to support us during challenging times. Sarah covers plants to support our healing from disconnection, supporting our personal work, boundaries, balancing the mind and heart, courage and heart opening. Follow us on Instagram … Continued

Our regularly scheduled programming is preempted from 6am to 9pm (PST) today for a special fundraiser. During this one-day event, we air old and new broadcasts that demonstrate the richness of the Pacifica Radio Archives and how important it is that we ensure their preservation and accessibility. We appreciate your understanding and support in contributing … Continued

Host Emiliano Lemus reviews the basics on herbal medicine making. Tune in for a how-to episode focusing on medicinal teas, tinctures, and oils. Emiliano shared resources for listeners seeking to be in support of Gaza, including Jewish Voice for Peace’s calls to action and Build Palestine’s Trusted Organizations to Donate to Palestine. Aurora Levins Morales’ … Continued

Join Renée Camila in conversation with Asian American herbalist, acupuncturist, and educator Erin Masako Wilkins about identity herbalism, traditional Asian energetics, and her personal story in weaving her Japanese heritage into her practice. During their discussion Erin draws from 13 years experience as a practitioner and shares formative plant stories from childhood. Erin is also the author of Asian American Herbalism: Traditional and Modern Healing … Continued