Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day! We talk with Joe Uehlein who is the Founding President and Executive Director of the Labor Network for Sustainability, and Voices for a Sustainable Future. We also talk to Stephanie Weissman, Artistic Executive Director and Founder of The Marsh. Stephanie talks about the many … Continued


The Virus: what do we know now?

Where are we in the Pandemic: the beginning?  the middle? Is it time to “reopen America”?  What about the data?  What about mitigation? Do we have what we need to survive?  We talk with Dr. James Kahn, professor emeritus, UCSF School of Medicine.  With host Kris Welch.


Wisconsin! Bernie!

Republicans at the state and federal level did everything they could to stop  them—but Wisconsinites took their lives in their hands, literally, and voted in a new, liberal, state Supreme Court justice last Tuesday.  Take that, Koch Machine! We talk with John Nichols. Hosted by Kris Welch, with Mitch Jeserich.