Law & Disorder

How the Child Welfare System Destroys Black Families w/ Dorothy Roberts; Plus, Resistance in Residence Artist Tina D’Elia

We talk with Dorothy Roberts about her latest book, Torn Apart: How The Child Welfare System Destroys Black Families—And How Abolition Can Build A Safer World. Dorothy is an internationally acclaimed scholar, activist, and social critic who has written and lectured extensively on the interplay of gender, race, and class in legal issues concerning reproduction, … Continued

Law & Disorder

Confronting Violence Against Black Women and Girls w/ Treva B. Lindsey; Plus, our Resistance in Residence Artist Coco Peila

We talk with Treva B. Lindsey about violence against Black women and girls, and the reverberation of this violence on every facet of our social and community fabrics. That’s the focus of her new book America Goddam: Violence, Black Women, and The Struggle for Justice (University of California Press). Treva is a Professor of Women’s, … Continued

Law & Disorder

Creative Interventions into Interpersonal Violence – w/ Mimi Kim; Plus, our Resistance in Residence artist Coco Peila

On today’s show we talk with Mimi Kim, founder of Creative Interventions and co-founder of INCITE! She has been a long-time activist, advocate and researcher challenging gender-based violence at its intersection with state violence and creating community accountability, transformative justice and other community-based alternatives to criminalization. As a second generation Korean American, she locates her … Continued

As the Soviet Union came crashing down, Francis Fukuyama declared what he called the end of history in 1994, imagining that capitalism had won out – socialism had failed – and that global governing formations would sit within capitalist democratic values from there on. This “end of history” theory has been challenged by many, including … Continued

Law & Disorder

Fund drive special: Marvel’s foray into African Cooking: The Wakanda Cookbook

On today’s show, we speak with Nyanyika Banda, the cook and creative mind behind The Wakanda Cookbook – a cookbook for the Marvel universe that builds out of expertise in culinary traditions from all over the African continent. FUND DRIVE SPECIAL – Pledge $150 and receive Marvel’s Black Panther: The Official Wakanda Cookbook by Nyanyika Banda and … Continued

On today’s fund drive special, we explore Black cowboys in California, with a conversation featuring the creative mind behind a new photography book of California Black cowboys, Gabriela Hasbun, alongside one of the cowboys featured in the book – Prince Damons. FUND DRIVE SPECIAL – Pledge $275 and receive The New Black West: Photographs from America’s Only … Continued

Law & Disorder

Vallejo Police Lt Under Investigation; CA Makes Plans to Close Prisons; Plus, Our Weekly State Terror Roundup

As always on Thursdays, we begin with the State Terror Round Up. Then, we turn our attention to Vallejo where a new report about Vallejo Police Lieutenant Steve Darden – a member of what some advocates call the Fatal 14 – uncovers brutal policing. We speak with Scott Morris, a journalist with the Vallejo Sun … Continued