David Thomson, film critic and historian, discusses his latest book, “The Fatal Alliance: A Century of War on Film” with host Richard Wolinsky. Author of over forty books, most of which deal with film and film history, David Thomson here discusses how movies have influenced how our society sees and understands war. He is hosting war films at Pacific Film Archive March 20 (They Shall Not Grow Old) and March 27 (1917). Photo from”1917″ courtesy Pacific Film Archive. Also: Review of “Queen” at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley.

Walter Mosley, author of the Easy Rawlins mysteries along with other novels, screenplays, graphic novels and non-fiction works, in an interview recorded in 1992 near the start of his career, with Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupoff. Theatre director Jack O’Brien, author of “Jack in the Box, or How to Goddam Direct,” discusses his career with Richard Wolinsky. Also: Review of “My Home on the Moon” at San Francisco Playhouse through Feb. 25, 2024. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Kate Wilhelm (1928-2018) , award winning science fiction and detective novelist, in conversation with Richard A. Lupoff and Richard Wolinsky, recorded in the KPFA studios, August 5, 1996. while on tour for her novel, “Malice Prepense,” (later renamed “For The Defense”). While a noted science fiction fantasy author in her early career, she later switched to the mystery and courtroom field with her Barbara Holloway series. Also: An excerpt of an interview with New York Times theatre critic Jesse Green, and reviews of “Cult of Love” at Berkeley Rep and “MJ The Musical” at the Orpheum in San Francisco. hosted by Richard Wolinsky

A look at the creation of the restored film “Bushman,” directed by the late David Schickele, at Pacific Film Archive, with ilm director Rob Nillson, activist and eEnvironmentalist Gail Schickele, and film archivist Jon Shibata. “Bushman” is an extraordinary film about a Nigerian educator coming to San Francisco in 1968 and what he experiences. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.
Also: Reviews of “How I Learned What I Learned” at TheatreWorks and “Babes In Ho-lland at Shotgun Players Ashby Stage.

Jane Smiley discusses her most recent novel, “A Dangerous Business,” now out in trade paperback. And in an interview from 2016, Harlan Coben talks about his writing career and his then most recent book, “Fool Me Once,” now a Netflix miniseries. Also: Review of “The Wiz” at the Golden Gate Theatre through February 11, 2024. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Two Interviews.
Terry Bisson (1942-2024), science fiction/fantasy author and political activist, died on January 10, 2024 at the age of 81. In this interview from January 2013 he discusses his career and his novel “Any Day Now,” a thinly disguised memoir in a science fiction setting.
Roger Ebert (1942-2013), noted film reviewer, discusses his book “Great Movies II” and other film-related issues, along with his work as political commentator, recorded in 2005.
Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Helen Benedict, co-author (with Eyad Awwadawnon) of “Map of Hope and Sorrow: Stories of Refugees Trapped in Greece,” in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky. Helen Benedict is the author of seven novels and five books of non-fiction. Her latest book, “Map of Hope and Sorrow,” co-written by Eyad Awwadawnon, a Syrian refugee who was planning to get a law degree in Damascus, is partly an oral history of refugees coming to Greece after escaping from their home countries, and partly a look at the refugee camps of Greece. Also: Bay Area Theatre in 2023: Best of the Year.