LSB September 2016 meeting records

  KPFA LSB regular in-person meeting
September 10, 2016 11am-4pm
2133 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
Item #Time*ItemEst start time
1 Call to Order11:00 AM
25Roll Call and Excusing of Absent Members11:00 AM
35Approve Agenda11:05 AM
45Approve Minutes11:10 AM
55Announcements11:15 AM
710CAB report11:50 AM
820General manager’s report12:00 PM
930Treasurer’s Report12:20 PM
1010Break12:50 PM
11 PNB 
 15A.   PNB report1:00 PM
  B.   Future of Pacifica 
 30      i.  Finances1:15 PM
 15      ii.  Pacifica Directors and Officers Liability Insurance1:45 PM
12 New Business 
 30    A  LSB fundraising2:00 PM
13 Adjourn2:30 PM
 *Times are advisory.



KPFA Local Station Board
Regular in-person meeting
September 10, 2016
2133 University Ave.
CA 94704

Note: An audio archive of this meeting is available at

Present: Sharon Adams, Craig Alderson, Anthony Fest, Sasha Futran* **, Kate Gowen**, Mark Hernandez, Sabrina Jacobs, Janet Kobren, David Lynch**, Tim Lynch, TM Scruggs**, Frank Sterling, Carole Travis, Barbara Whipperman, Burton White, Margy Wilkinson, Rych Withers.
*Arrived after roll call.
**Participated by remote connection

Absent: William Campisi, José Luis Fuentes, Joy Moore, Samsarah Morgan, Scott Olsen, Ramsés Teón-Nichols, Quincy McCoy (ex officio).

1.   Call to order
Meeting called to order at 11:25 am by chair C. Travis.

2.   Roll call and excusing of members
Moved (M. Wilkinson) to excuse W. Campisi, J.L. Fuentes, S. Futran, S. Morgan, J. Moore, R. Teón-Nichols. Approved by show of hands, 1A.

3.   Approve agenda
Moved (A. Fest) to amend agenda to add election of rep to replace B. Edwards-Tiekert on PNB. Approved by show of hands.

Agenda as amended approved by show of hands, 1A.

4.   Minutes
Minutes of the August 13 meeting were not available.

5.   Announcements
M. Wilkinson, J. Kobren.

6.   Public comments
Steve Zeltzer, Daniel Bortstrom, Ann Garrison, unidentified listener, Brian Colberts, Silvia Torres

7.   CAB
Carol Wolfley reported on the CAB’s activities.

8.   GM report (Q. McCoy)
M. Wilkinson read general manager’s report in his absence.

Moved (S. Adams) to form LSB fundraising working group. Approved by general assent. Volunteers for working group: S. Adams, C. Travis, F. Sterling, T. Lynch, J. Moore

Moved (A. Fest) to meet October 15. Approved: 7Y, 2N, 1A.

9.   Treasurer report (B. Whipperman)
Treasurer presented cash flow report and YTD budget actuals report.

10.   PNB

PNB report
J. Kobren, M. Wilkinson reported on PNB matters.

Future of Pacifica
Board discussed the state of Pacifica finances and ways to address it. Liability of directors and officers was clarified with respect to LSB members.

Moved (S. Jacobs): “I hereby propose to have the PNB bylaws be completely nullified and rewritten. Furthermore, I propose the PNB be dissolved insofar as the bylaws are rewritten.” Failed for lack of second.

11.   CAB
Carol Wolfley reported on the CAB’s activities.

12.   New business

LSB fundraising
Board discussed ideas for ways board could do fundraising.

Board agreed that election of representative to PNB will be conducted at next meeting.

Adjourned 2:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Alderson

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