LSB November 2015 meeting records

  KPFA LSB regular in-person meeting
November 14, 2015 11am-4pm
North Berkeley Senior Center
1901 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA
Item #Time*ItemEst start time
1 Call to Order11:00 AM
25Roll Call and Excusing of Absent Members11:00 AM
35Approve Agenda11:05 AM
45Approve Minutes11:10 AM
55Announcements11:15 AM
720General manager’s report11:50 AM
820GM evaluation12:10 PM
920Treasurer’s Report12:30 PM
1010Break12:50 PM
1120Pacifica by-laws amendments1:00 PM
1215PNB report1:20 PM
135CAB report1:35 PM
145KFCF Report1:40 PM
15 Old Business 
 10    A.  Local community news & public affairs (A. Prichett)1:45 PM
 10    B.  LSB subcommittees (J. Kobren)1:55 PM
 5    C.  Feature Story News (V. Browning)2:05 PM
 10    D.  Livestreaming (A. Prichett)2:10 PM
16 New Business 
 20    A.  KPFA bequests2:20 PM
17 Adjourn2:40 PM
 *Times are advisory.



KPFA Local Station Board
Regular in-person meeting
November 14, 2015
, 11am-4:00pm
North Berkeley Senior Center
1901 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA

Note: An audio archive of this meeting is available at

Present: Craig Alderson, Virginia Browning, Mal Burnstein, José Luis Fuentes, Donald Goldmacher, Cynthia Johnson, Janet Kobren, Jack Kurzweil, Joy Moore, Andrea Prichett, Lewis Sawyer, Frank Sterling, Kate Tanaka, Barbara Whipperman, Burton White, Margy Wilkinson, Rych Withers, Quincy McCoy (ex officio).
*Arrived after roll call.

Absent: Brian Edwards-Tiekert, David Gans, Kate Gowen, Mark Hernandez, David Landau, Samsarah Morgan, Ramsés Teón-Nichols, Carole Travis.

1.   Call to order
Meeting called to order by secretary, Craig Alderson, at 11:25 am. Proposed B. White as pro-tem chair. Approved without objection.

2.   Roll call and excusing of members
Moved (B. White) to excuse all absent members. Approved without objection.

3.   Approve agenda
Moved (M. Wilkinson) to adopt agenda as drafted.

Moved amendment (J. Moore) to move item 16 (KPFA bequests) to follow break as 10.5 at time certain of 1pm.

Moved substitute (J. Kobren): “Move a time certain executive session at 11:50 for 60 minutes to carry out the PNB’s November 5 motion regarding Kobren’s October 2015 director’s inspection on the Hall Trust bequest as Kobren noticed to the LSB list on Monday.”

Moved as amendment (J.L. Fuentes): “Kobren motion be addressed after GM and treasurer’s report at 1:30pm but not before GM and treasurer report.” Approved: 15Y, 0N.

Following amendments, motion stood as: move item 16 to time certain of 1:30 and not before GM and treasurer reports, and insert new item as 60-minute executive session.

Moved (C. Alderson) to divide question.

On part 1 (time certain): approved without objection.

On part 2 (executive session): moved (A. Prichett) to end debate Approved without objection. On part 2, failed 1Y, 13N, 0A.

4.   Minutes
Consideration of minutes of July, August and September meetings was postponed to December meeting.

5.   Announcements
M. Wilkinson, V. Browning, J. Moore, C. Johnson

6.   Public comments
Mickey Mayes, J.C. Howard, Daniel Borgstrom, Vila Aronson, Joseph Luis Aldereta.

Moved (A. Prichett) to give speaker two additional minutes to finish. Approved by show of hands, 1N.

7.   General manager’s report (Quincy McCoy)
GM and business manager Maria Negret spoke about budget issues, fund drive.

8.   General manager evaluation
J. Moore reported that the committee had not met yet.

9.   Treasurer’s report (B. Whipperman)
B. Whipperman and business manager Maria Negret addressed concerns about bequest.

10.   Bequest
Chair proposed speaking time of 6 minutes, extendable. Approved without objection.

J. Kobren offered documents about bequest pursuant to director’s inspection. The board discussed concerns relating to the bequest.

11.   PNB bylaws
J. Kobren moved to table to next meeting. Approved without objection.

12.   PNB
J. Kobren.

13.   CAB
No report.

14.   KFCF report
R. Withers

Adjourned 3:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Alderson

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