LSB February 2015 meeting records

KPFA LSB regular in-person meeting
February 21, 2015 11am-4pm
KPFA performance studio
1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA
Item #Time*ItemEst start time
1Call to Order11:00 AM
25Roll Call and Excusing of Absent Members11:00 AM
310Approve Agenda11:05 AM
410Approve Minutes11:15 AM
530General manager’s report11:25 AM
65Announcements11:55 AM
820Treasurer’s Report12:30 PM
910Break12:50 PM
1015PNB report1:00 PM
115CAB report1:15 PM
125KFCF Report1:20 PM
13Old Business
20    A.  Local news coverage (A. Prichett)1:25 PM
15    B.  News coverage protocols and policies (A. Prichett)1:45 PM
60    C.  Budget workshop (J. Kobren) **Time certain**2:00 PM
14New Business
15    A.  LSB subcommittees (J. Kobren)3:00 PM
15    B.  PNB committee assignments3:15 PM
15Adjourn3:30 PM
*Times are advisory.



KPFA Local Station Board
Regular in-person meeting
February 21, 2015, 11am-2:30pm
KPFA Performance Room
2500 MLK Drive, Berkeley, CA

Note: An audio archive of this meeting is available at

Present: *Virginia Browning, Mal Burnstein, José Luis Fuentes, Donald Goldmacher, *Cynthia Johnson, Janet Kobren, David Landau, Joy Moore, Lewis Sawyer, Franklin Sterling, *Kate Tanaka, Carole Travis, Barbara Whipperman, Margy Wilkinson, Rych Withers. (*Arrived after roll call.)

Absent: Craig Alderson, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, David Gans, Kate Gowen, Mark Hernandez, Jack Kurzweil, Samsarah Morgan, Andrea Prichett, Ramsés Teón-Nichols, Burton White.

1.   Call to order
Meeting called to order by chair, Carol Travis at 11:12 am. Akio Tanaka filled in as secretary.

2.   Roll call and excusing of members
Quorum not met (11).

3.   Approve agenda
Quorum not met (11).

4.   Minutes
Minutes of the January 2015 was not ready at the time of the meeting.

5.   General Manager’s Report
Quincy gave a summary of the fund drive and a slide presentation of the new KPFA website.

[Quorum met. Chair move to excuse absent members. No objection; Janet K move to have Item 14B follow Item 10. No objection]

6.   Announcements
Joy Moore:
Carol Travis:
Frank Sterling:
Janet Kobren: (Next LSB meeting April 11)
Donald Goldmacker:
[Carol Travis take leave, Margy Wilkinson assumed the chair at 12:11PM]
Cynthia Johnson:
Joy Moore:
Janet Kobren:

7.   Public comments
Daniel Borgstrom:

8.   Treasurer’s report (B. Whipperman)
Two Handouts

9.   Break (12:43-01:00)

10.   PNB report (M. Wilkinson, J. Kobren)

11.   Community Advisory Board report (Carol Wolfley)

13.C.   Budget workshop – Hank Levy (Moved up -time certain).

12.   KFCF report
(R. Withers) skipped

13.   Old business

A.   Local news coverage (A. Pritchett) postponed
B.   News coverage protocol and policies (A. Pritchett) postponed
C.   Budget workshop (J. Kobren) time certain 2:00PM
Hank Levy (hand outs)- moved up after Item 11.

14.   New business

A.   LSB subcommittees (J. Kobren)

B.   PNB Committee assignments
Janet handed out tally sheet.

Resolution (V. Browning)
That the KPFA LSB create a local finance task force as subcommittee of local board members, as many LSB members as want to be on it. One purpose is to do board job of check/balance possible self interest of mostly staff members being on the finance subcommittee.

Janet move to postpone the item until April 11 [10Y 1N]

15.   Adjourn
Adjourned 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Akio Tanaka
Acting LSB Secretary

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