Laurence Shoup: Wall Street’s Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Politics, 1976-2014

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Wall Street’s Think Tank:  The Council on Foreign Relations and
the Empire of Neoliberal Politics, 1976-2014″
Hosted by Mickey Huff

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“A revealing account of how a small group of planners, drawn from sectors of concentrated private and state power, closely linked, along with ‘experts’ whose commitments are congenial to their ends, have set the contours for much of recent history, not least the neoliberal assault that has had a generally destructive impact on populations while serving as an effective instrument of class war. A welcome and very valuable contribution.”   Noam Chomsky

“Lucidly written and deeply informed, this book reveals how the super-rich class organizes itself into a consciously directed, ruling plutocracy. Shoup offers a treasure of  insights into a subject that seldom gets the attention it very much needs.”
Michael Parenti, author, The Face of Imperialism

“Shoup persuasively demonstrates how U.S. foreign policies are still (as in the 1950s)
formulated at the DFR before they are adopted in Washington…This is a must-read for those wishing to understand the dynamics of U.S. hegemony.”
Peter Dale Scott, Prof. Emeritus, U.C. Berkeley, author, The American Deep State