Flashpoints, Live From Santa Cruz, Friday 3/18 5pm.


Fresh from playing our part in the highly successful KPFA fundraiser, Flashpoints and La Onda Bahita continues our tradition of live broadcasts from community centers, day labor centers and other venues around the Bay Area, where people say again and again they “heard it on KPFA”. Flashpoints is proud to have played its part again in keeping the station going – raising well over our goal at Flashpoints.
Now its our turn as producers to keep our word and fulfill our
programming mission to bring community radio right into the community
that makes it possible.

We invite KPFA workers, and friends of free speech radio, to join us
in a special broadcast from legendary Barrios Unidos in Santa Cruz,
for a night of politics and political culture that taps in to the emerging brown revolution, that will soon transform the US into a white-minority country. We’ll be dealing with the local homeless
community, and their decision to fight back by forming a first of its kind Homeless Union. We’ll also be addressing youth in crisis and the ongoing police relations with the communities of color that define the region.. And we’ll feature a segment on cannabis revolution that is
sweeping the state..

When and Where:
Barrios Unidos(1817 Soquel Ave Santa Cruz CA 95062). If you wish to see the show live, arrive by 4:45pm for the live broadcast. If you cannot make it, tune into KPFA 5-6pm 94.1 or 97.5 K248BR for our listeners in Santa Cruz