The fate of the Affordable Care Act will be decided by the Supreme Court in November, plus Trump’s nominee; Plus: A new film for hope: ‘Organizing is the New Cool’

Doctor and patient (Photo: Flickr)

0:08 – In November, the Trump Administration will argue before the 8 Justices of the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act. For analysis on the political battle, we speak with Marjorie Cohn is a professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and former president of the National Lawyers Guild. 

0:20 – What Losing the Affordable Care Act Could Mean for Californians

Laurel Lucia is Health Care Program Director at the UC Berkeley Labor Center. 

0:34 – New film examines organizing for change, beyond the myths and stereotypes

Organizing is the New Cool explores the origin of The FTP Movement and how they mobilize against social injustice and oppression, in Atlanta, GA. The film “stands as a multimedia renunciation of out molded stereotypes about activists.  It showcases how a new cadre of activists reinvent collective organizing and animate an admirably authentic and unabashedly hip leadership style which attracts followers and provokes reconsideration.”

We’re joined by director and narrator Kalonji Jama Changa to discuss the filmmaking project, histories and insights into this historical moment.