CA farmworkers confront heat, smoke and COVID pandemic through harvest; plus: Wendy Liu on her new book ‘Abolish Silicon Valley’

Workers in a farm field along California State Route 1 in Nipomo, California, in San Luis Obispo County. (Photo: Wikipedia)

0:08 – On Saturday, two deputies were shot and expected to survive. But the aftermath has provided the platform for some LA county officials to scapegoat the BLM movement.

Melina Abdullah (@DocMellyMel) is a professor and chair of Pan-African Studies at Cal State-LA. She is also co-founder of the LA chapter of Black Lives Matter.

0:34 – Author interview: Wendy Liu is a software developer and writer based in San Francisco. Her new book is Abolish Silicon Valley: How to Liberate Technology From Capitalism.

1:08 – The family of Breonna Taylor has accepted a $12 million settlement from Louisville, but the fight for justice continues.

Derek Lindsey and Jill Franquelli are co-founders of Queers For Black Lives Matter, which is organizing a nationwide protest for justice for Breonna Taylor on Saturday, September 19.

1:21 – How are farmworkers coping through are harvests in the unprecedented, toxic smoke event and the COVID pandemic.

Irene de Barraicua is the public relations manager with Lideres Campesinas, a grassroots, women-led organization coordinating statewide advocacy and support for farmworkers. 

0:34 – What you need to know about the Oregon wildfires and climate change

Meg Krawchuk is Associate Professor with the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University, and part of the Landscape Fire and Conservation Science Research Group. 

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