The provenance of Haitian gangs; John Deere strike update: includes one vehicular death on the picket line; How unhoused folks have fared in the rain; And the last days of a FEMA trailer park set up for survivors of the Paradise Fire

United Auto Workers Local 450 continue their fight for a fair wage, better benefits, and a secure retirement at the John Deere Des Moines Works, in Ankeny, Iowa, on October 20, 2021. | USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

On today’s show:

0:08 – Dahoud André, a Haitian community activist based in New York joins us to discuss the provenance of Hatian gangs as we discuss the same 17 missionaries who were abducted in Haiti last week.

0:34 – Jonah Furman (@JonahFurman), staff writer and union organizer for Labor Notes joins us to for an update on the UAW John Deere strike. A picketer was killed earlier this morning after being struck by a vehicle while standing on the picket line in Milan, IL.

1:08 – Michael Lazarus (@mlaz_sei), Senior Scientist and director joins us to discuss this year’s Production Gap Report.

1:20 – Jennifer Friedenbach (@fbach4), Executive Director of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness joins us to recap how the unhoused community weathered the “bomb cyclone” that brought heavy rain and flooding over the weekend.

1:34 – Hannah Dreier (@hannahdreier), national enterprise reporter for the Washington Post joins us to discuss a heartbreaking and infuriating story she recently reported on the last days of a FEMA trailer park set up for survivors of the Paradise Fire.