Amy Coney Barrett confirmation debrief; Plus: Live debates on Prop 15 commercial taxes, Prop 19 property tax transfer and Prop 21 rent control

0:08 – Amy Coney Barrett: what’s next in the Senate

Cat and Brian debrief with Mitch Jeserich, host Letters and Politics, weekdays at 10AM on KPFA.

0:35 – Ballot debate: Prop 15 – Tax increase for commercial property

Yes: Ben Grieff is campaign director of Evolve California, a San Francisco based grassroots organizing network, and with the Yes on Prop 15 campaign.
No: Edwin Lombard III is the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce and No on Prop 15 campaign.

1:03 – Ballot Debate: Prop 19 – Property tax transfer

Yes: Sandra Lowe is formerly with California Teachers Association (CTA) and now a campaign consultant with the Yes on Prop 19 campaign
No: Susan Shelley is Vice President of Communications with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association, which is sponsoring the No on Prop 19 campaign.

1:34 – Ballot Debate: Prop 21 – Local rent control initiative

Yes: Rene Moya is formerly a housing advocate with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and now the Chair of the Yes on Prop 21 campaign. 

No: Steven Maviglio is a political consultant with Forza Communications, and with the No on Prop 21 campaign. 

PHOTO: Steve Houghton-Burnett

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