2020 Elections roundup: votes to be counted, swing states, California ballot measures, Oakland, SF and more

0:08 – Elections roundup: Wisconsin

Ruth Conniff (@rconniff) is editor in chief of the Wisconsin Examiner, a nonprofit newsroom.

0:15 – Elections roundup: Florida goes for Trump on anti-socialist sentiment

Mitch Perry (@MitchPerry18) Political Reporter for Spectrum Bay News 9 in Tampa. 

0:22 – Elections roundup: Trumps wins in Texas, and Democrats fail to take the Senate or Legislature

RG Ratcliffe is the former contributing editor with the Texas Monthly.

0:34 – California ballot roundup: affirmative action, taxes, voting rights and bail reform

Flojuane Cofer (@Flojaune) is senior policy director with Public Health Advocates.

0:45 – Voters say no to Prop 21, easing restrictions on rent control

Shanti Singh is communications coordinator for the statewide renters’ rights organization Tenants Together.

0:53 Prop 15, the split roll tax is too close to call

Lenny Goldberg former the executive director of the California Tax Reform Association, now campaign consultant for Yes on Prop 15.

1:08 – Oakland elections roundup

Darwin BondGraham (@DarwinBondGraha) is the news editor at Oaklandside. 

1:15 – District 3 votes for new Council member

Carroll Fife (@carroll_fife) is the Oakland City Council member for District 3.

1:22 – Richmond elections roundup

Gayle McLaughlin is the former Mayor of Richmond and candidate for City Council representing District 5.

1:34 – San Francisco elections roundup

Tim Redmond (@timredmondsf) has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He is the founder and editor of 48hills.org.

1:52 – Berkeley elections roundup

Francis Dinkelspiel (@Frannydink) is co-founder and executive editor of Berkeleyside, where she’s covering Berkeley elections.