Evaluating the Congolese government’s Covid-19 response; masks and gloves become street litter; an entomologist cautions against panic over Asian giant hornets

0:08 – Human rights activist Kambale Musavuli says the Congolese government is implementing confinement measures that are ill-fitting for a population of 84 million people with 93 percent unemployment. “That’s literally saying you are going to die of starvation.”

0:21 – On April 22, Sudan’s new government outlawed the practice of female genital mutilation. Miroslava Prazak of Bennington College says that the law has not been ratified yet and that implementation will be harder.

0:34 – With the increased use of masks and gloves by the public and healthcare workers, litter of protective equipment in the streets and oceans has followed. Louise Boyle (@LouiseB_NY), senior climate correspondent with The Independent, joins us to discuss.

0:41 – Are Asian giant hornets threatening U.S. bees? Entomologist Tim Lawrence of Washington State University says they are more hazardous than honeybees because of their venom volume, but cautions that it’s not known yet whether they are established in the U.S. We talk about the ways the bee population in the U.S. is already threatened, and what it means for the food system.

Photo credit: USDA by Lance Cheung


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