Why the US should stop hoarding vaccines; Plus: The history of racism and racist policing in Alameda, CA with journalist and historian Rashid Shabbaz; and over 500 anti-abortion measures have passed this year, advocates urge action to combat them

0:08 – Why the US should stop hoarding vaccines

Kate Elder (@kateelder) a Senior vaccines policy advisor for Doctors Without Borders’ Access Campaign.

0:34 – Unemployment call-ins

Daniela Urban is Executive Director of the Center for Workers’ Rights and special counsel to Legal Aid At Work.

Legal Aid at Work Helpline phone numbers depend on location, check information here. 

1:08 – The history of racism and racist policing in Alameda

Rasheed El Shabazz (@Rasheed_Shabazz) a journalist, photographer, historian, and urban and planning community development researcher, based in Alameda CA.

Academic paper: ‘Alameda is Our Home:’ African Americans and the Struggle for Housing in Alameda, California, 1860-present

1:34 – 7 states passed a record number of abortion restrictions last week

Galina Espinoza (@GalinaEspinoza) president and editor-in-chief of Rewire News Group, which covers critical reproductive health, rights and justice issues. 

1:45 – FDA permits abortion medication by mail

Amy Littlefield (@amylittlefield) a freelance journalist who focuses on the intersection of religion and healthcare. Her latest piece in the Nation Magazine is “Will the Biden Administration Get Bolder on Improving Abortion Access?”


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