Protests erupt in Minneapolis and across U.S. demanding justice for George Floyd. Minnesota journalist & activist says “most rioting was started by provocateurs”

0:08 – Mel Reeves is Community Editor for Minnesota Spokesman Recorder, one of the oldest black newspapers in the country, and has helped organize protests after the police killing of George Floyd. He says unemployment among Black residents of Minneapolis is three times that of whites, and that a white police officer has never been indicted for killing a Black person in Minneapolis history. “There’s some real disparities in this town, and some real racism.”

0:20 – What is the feeling on the ground at the Minneapolis protests following the police killing of George Floyd? Dave Bicking is a board member of Communities United Against Police Brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been with the organization for 12 years.

0:34 – Troy Williams, founder and director of Restorative Media, talks about his experience surviving prolonged solitary confinement during his 25 years behind bars in juvenile and adult prison facilities, and the Covid-19 lockdown today.

Photo by Fibonacci Blue

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