A San Francisco public defender fights to get his brother freed from a dangerous CA prison where 8 have died from Covid-19 — plus, updates on unemployment & the McDonalds strike

0:08 – Heidi Shierholz (@hshierholz) is senior economist and director of policy at the Economic Policy Institute, and the former chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor.

0:22 – Attorneys for McDonalds workers have filed lawsuits in Los Angeles and San Jose alleging unsafe working conditions, including workers being asked to reuse personal protective equipment, and being denied paid sick leave currently required by a state executive order. KPFA’s Chris Lee (@chrislee_xyz) has the story.

0:34 – Barbara Abbott is the vice president of supply chain for the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

1:08 – The ACLU and other groups are suing over conditions inside Terminal Island federal prison in Southern California — as of May 20th 2020, it had 686 confirmed infections and eight deaths. Ernesto Arce (@ReporterArce) reports.

1:10 – Jacque Wilson is a deputy public defender for San Francisco. His brother, Lance, is imprisoned in Southern California’s Terminal Island federal prison. Wilson talks about his fight to free both of his brothers and the dangers they are facing behind bars during Covid-19.

1:34 – Darryl Geyer was released from Santa Rita Jail during the pandemic and was sick with Covid-19. In this third and final installment following Darryl’s story, reporter Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang) chronicles Darryl’s multiple attempts to find stable housing. You can hear the full story here. To catch up on the series, listen here: (Part 1) (Part 2)

1:46 – Weeks ago, an UpFront listener heard another listener on the air who needed help, and arrived with resources. It’s the very definition of mutual aid.

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