“Domestic violence was a pandemic before this all started,” advocates say — plus, family searches for 28-year-old Davohnte Morgan in Mt. Shasta, and a discussion on nationalizing vaccines

0:08 – Moment of silence for Stacey Park, who passed away Tuesday and was at the heart of disability justice organizing in the Bay Area, working with Sins Invalid, founding the Disability Justice Culture Club, campaigning to stop police terror, and fighting deadly PG&E shutoffs through the #PowerToLive campaign. Rest in power, Stacey.

0:09 – Should the U.S. nationalize the vaccine sector? Dana Brown of the Next System Project draws on recent history to point out examples where privatized vaccine development and bureaucratic hurdles delayed life-saving medicine, and proposes an alternative.

0:34 – The Sonoma County Undocufund, founded in 2017 to provide crucial cash aid to undocumented families in the North Bay barred from accessing government relief during the Tubbs wildfire, has been reactivated to respond to Covid-19. Mara Ventura, executive director of North Bay Jobs With Justice, talks about their work. The fund is still receiving donations here — but they’re also calling on state and local government to step in and formalize support for undocumented families.

1:08 – Domestic violence calls to hotlines are skyrocketing across the United States. Colsaria Henderson of Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse and Marissa Seko of the Family Violence Law Center explain how family courts or protective orders are working and what resources survivors can access during the crisis. If you or a loved one needs to talk about domestic violence, you can call CORA’s 24-hour hotline at 1-800-300-1080 or the Family Violence Law Center hotline for people who live in Alameda County at 1-800-947-8301.

1:34 – A 28-year-old man from San Francisco, Davohnte Morgan, went missing in Mount Shasta, California two weeks ago. We speak with Morgan’s aunt, Ruth Arevalo, about the family’s efforts to undertake a search and their difficulty getting help from local law enforcement. Morgan was last seen wearing Nike flip flops, black sweat pants with a white stripe and a black knit turtleneck. If you think you have seen him or may have information about his disappearance, please call 510-493-5998 or 510-470-8083.